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World Wildlife Matters!

Whether you are an animal lover or not, you can't deny how utterly stunning wildlife is. From rainforests, oceans and deserts to forests, grassland and meadows, to the incredible range of creatures from tigers, koalas, orangutans to bees, butterflies and birds. We celebrate these wondrous ecosystems of the world by recognising World Wildlife Day.

So many animals and habitats linked to maintaining balance and supporting life on earth. We owe it to Mother Earth to take better care of our planet. Students will be looking at some endangered animals as well as considering ways that they can be more eco-friendly.

Obviously we love all animals but we would love to know what your favourite wild animal is and why? For us there are way too many to mention but some of my personal faves are orangutans, owls, tigers, koalas....eeek I could go on but it's your turn! ; )

Kerry x

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