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A Place where we invite people to just BE

We live in a often fast paced, confusing, sometimes scary world and Fields of Dreams exists as we know there is a need for a place where children, young people and adults can come to just breathe. Once given time to breathe, to be themselves and who they want to be this allows the 'magic' to happen.

Who We Are

Providing a safe & happy place of understanding and acceptance for SEND/SEMH children, young people and adults

So many with SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability) /SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) struggle to fit in with the expectations and confines of society. At  Fields of Dreams Farm we re home and rehabilitate a wide range of animals and ,amongst other interventions, provide animal-assisted therapy to these unique souls, making valuable use of the outdoor provision. 

We welcome those with differing needs and abilities to our farm - a place of acceptance, understanding, without judgement and expectations. They have ownership and responsibility of our sacred space, with a person-led approach to activities and personal development. 

Our History

In 2019 Sitting in a field with an idea and a goal- Emi-Lu Founder & Managing Director wanted to make a difference in the lives of all SEND/SEMH children and young people (adults too!)by providing them with all the tools, resources and support they need in order to flourish. And so Fields of Dreams Farm began with just one dog and one horse!  With her wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and understanding the importance of bridging the gap, whilst visibly supporting and ensuring a childs needs where meet with understanding and their voices heard so the best outcomes are achieved, The powerful purpose began.

Fields of Dreams Farm was created from a place of love, motivated by a desire to create a space in which unique people could feel free and accepted without expectations.  


Over the years, Fields of Dreams Farm has grown to be such a special and welcoming space for so many children and young people, most of whom have experienced trauma in their lives and who struggle to fit into the expectations of mainstream settings.   


Our wonderful collective are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are often excluded by society and who have no voice. They recognise that each being is completely and wonderfully unique and we offer a bespoke experience that starts from the individual  

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Empowering Individuals  to Be Free in their Uniqueness

Supporting Souls to Grow

We are always open to collaboration and supporting others for the greater good.

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Work Experience

Supporting and Guiding the Future Generation


Volunteer Opportunities

Involving  Members of the Community



Raising Funds to Care for Our Animal Family


Supporting Organisations

Working Together to Achieve the Best Outcomes for A


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