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It's been a cracking start to this term, we have launched our save the BEES 🐝 projects and our garden is buzzing with colour and smells!

The garden is growing nicely with so many yummy veg that's been planted and the students can not wait to taste the lavish goodies in a few weeks time.

Let's not forget our additional sessions of CUPPA & A CUDDLE this is a beautiful dedicated session s for families to embrace the farm and farm life..

Next week we are so excited to welcome our home ED GROUP and wellness Wednesdays. 🧘‍♀️📿. This session is for anyone you do not have to have your children with you, this is about relaxing, revitalising and rejuvenating your soul!! Scream, shout let out any of the inner energy that's needing to be let go...

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This week we are set for a FREEZE 🥶🥶🥶 please make sure extra layers are put on and sent in with all kiddos that are attending sessions… ALERT 🚨 if we feel it will become to much of a risk and cold


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